What To Look For In Buying Mens Designer Underwear

When it comes down to it, men want support, comfort, and an attractive style that boosts their confidence When seeking the perfect pair of underpants for everyday wear, look for the best best quality underwear that suits your lifestyle and budget.  This seems straight forward, however, there are a few things to remember before purchasing that "perfect" new, fresh pair.

Mens Underwear Style

By "style" we are not talking about what colors or patterns to sport on your daily drawers (though that is not unimportant and can be fun touch). By "style" we mean the shape and fit of the underwear for proper support, and comfort.  These styles can come in the form of briefs, jockstraps, man thongs, and other specific styles that can work for you, depending on your personal taste, the taste of your partner, and the needs of your everyday life.

Most guys are not big fans of underwear that rides up high.  If that is a concern, you may want to look for a boxer brief with a longer leg and a snug fit, like compression underwear used at the gym. You can avoid a dreaded wedgie or saggy bottom, with a low-rise style. When wearing the right size, low-rise underwear options shouldn’t feel tight or require adjustment as they should not shift around the day.

Underwear length is an important consideration and may change depending on activity and preference.  Like  athletic or performance underwear typically used during sports or during your grueling workouts, you may want a longer leg to prevent thigh rubbing or chafing.  Longer styles will also come in handy during the hot and sweaty days during the summer.

Lastly, think about avoiding having one of those quite awkward "junk-adjusting" situations.  Consider boxer briefs, jockstraps and trunks with contour pouches that will preclude your junk from moving around too freely.


When shopping for mens underwear online, it can often be difficult to tell how it is going to feel, especially when so many styles can all look the same in photos. Many times the description of fabrics online cannot offer more help.  You may think, "nylon, cotton, model, rayon, spandex blends —which is best for me"?

Pure traditional 100% cotton (advertised as the "fabric of our lives") is very breathable and so simple to care for.  However comfortable they start out, a pair of underwear that is all cotton tends to lose its shape over time and can develop into a loose baggy feel on your bottom. Consider something a little more modern in the world of fabrics -- try a blend with nylon and some spandex. Modern materials like nylon wicks moisture away and usually this type of fabric don't usually pill or get stretched out. The blending of the spandex in the fabric makes for freer movement and a garment that will move and return to its original shape.

You may also think about another great fabric option in a fabric called modal or micromodal. Modal is made from beech trees (a sustainable resource), and feels incredibly soft -- like nothing your package has ever felt. Modal is lightweight, silky, shrink-resistant and has moisture-wicking properties. The majority of the best men’s underwear has at least a portion if not 100% modal in its fabrication.

When looking for underwear for working out at the gym, it’s important to look for a performance pair that incorporates four-way stretch, as well as moisture-wicking and anti-odor technology. If you have a serious fitness game, consider the kind of athletic underwear that’ll work for, rather than create a sweaty, uncomfortable situation under your shorts.

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