Underwear Style Guide - For Choosing The Most Comfortable Underwear

Who said the market for men’s underwear doesn’t have much? If you are a male and looking to buy underwear, then you should check out this guide to find out everything about choosing the most comfortable underwear.

Men's underwear review

The underwear for men are divided into different families, it ranges from classical to very daring underwear for men.

The boxer

The boxer for man is recognized by its cut close to the body. It offers the support of the underpants and the comfort of underpants. Despite being modern, it is very comfortable to wear. A notable feature of boxers is that they remain completely invisible under clothing.


The briefs for men are anti-sexy and definitely exceeded. However, some men keep it preciously, somewhere in the back of the closet.


It is the opposite of a boxer. Loose, the men's boxer shorts are very comfortable and have a little retro touch. The advantage is that you can prick it to make it into house shorts and not walk around with your buttocks in the air.

The jockstrap

The jockstrap is exclusively reserved for men: it can be recognized by a front pocket. And two elasticated bands on the back which emphasize the curve of the buttocks. Some find it very comfortable for playing sports, others love it because it highlights.

The string

Chippendales, gays and sometimes, straight men, prefer this type of underwear too. We just mention the fact that it exists, now you do what you want with it.

How to choose the right men's underwear?

To choose the most suitable men's underwear, you must take into account the activity. For sport, it is better to choose boxer briefs or briefs to ensure good support. The boxer shorts are more suitable for everyday life or for sleeping.

You also have to consider the outfit of the day. For example, boxer shorts or briefs will be more suitable with shorts. Conversely, there is no contraindication to wearing boxer shorts under jeans (unless it is slim).

The second important point is the material. Most men's underwear is a blend of cotton and spandex or polyester. These last two are synthetic materials, which will give elasticity and resistance to the product. The higher the percentage of synthetic materials, the more it will stretch.

For sports, men's microfiber underwear is perfect because it promotes the evaporation of perspiration.

On the synthetic side, lycra is more and more present because it does not crease and resists washing while keeping its shape (gentlemen, this is not a reason for all the time to use machines at 60 degrees Celsius).

There are underwear made from 100% natural materials, which is softer and more respectful of the skin. There is of course cotton, but also bamboo and modal. The latter takes on a satin appearance and a silky feel. Its flexible fabric is opposed to cotton, which can be a little stiff after washing.