The Importance of Mens Underwear at Bedtime

Men picking out a sweet pair of underwear usually comes, not second, or even third, to your outside-of-the-house style. It generally comes in dead last.  The majority of guys are still lounging around and going to bed in their old high school sweatpants, or ratty old boxers. You can't act like you are the only one who sees your undies. Consider what you’re going to wear to as underwear (potentially also sleepwear) next time you head on vacation or ski trip with your friends, the next "boys trip," or the first time that new woman or man in your life stays over. Wouldn’t all those situations be that much better if your diurnal (which means happening by day, and the opposite nocturnal -- see you learned something extra!) style is just as savvy during your nocturnal hours?

So, just ditch the old worn-out boxers!  No "Star Wars" undies, or ones that make you look like the dad from a 1960's television sitcom.  A great pair of underwear will make you feel more relaxed and confident before and after you hit the rack, and again when you wake up.

There is no reason to avoid or stop sleeping in your underwear. Unless you are going to sleep naked, underwear is absolutely the most comfortable thing in which to sleep. And most people understand that, so no explanation is required.  So, make sure your underwear is the comfiest you can find, is well fitting and flattering to your body. Some of the softest fabrics include a Microdermal fabric, bamboo, or a modal that’s as luxurious, light and comfortable.  They can be in the form of briefs, trunks, boxer-briefs, man thongs, or other mens lingerie in an array of hip colors and patterns.