Overhauling Your Underwear Drawer

Are you thinking about overhauling your underwear drawer? Good, it's probably been a long damn time since you made a change! Many men get pretty attached to the underwear they have had for years. But in every man's life there comes a time when we need to be bold and make a change. Here are a few tips to help you get the right new underwear:

Buy More Than You Think You Need --  Some "experts" will tell you that since you only need to wear 1 pair per day, you only really need to own 7 pairs.  Don't fall for this "advice."  Never mind the burden of doing laundry quite often (more than weekly). There are all kinds of reasons men will need extra underwear including when they start to wear out, fade, or get misplaced (OK, when they are left behind while hooking up). We suggest at least 10 to 15 pairs of designer mens underwear, so you can rotate colors and styles like you would any other article of clothing. Again, fashionable, comfortable underwear is as at least as important to your style as your tops or pants / jeans!

Boxers are Not The "Go-To" They Once Were -- Boxer underwear have been the "go-to" for guys for many decades.  They are thought of as "uber-comfortable," but very often, they are not as comfy as many men think. They can bunch up and have a habit of getting sweaty and soggy -- particular in hot weather or when working out. Instead, men should consider other styles if not for any other reason than (according to GQ Magazine) a lot of women prefer men who wear stylish underwear (briefs, boxer-briefs, jockstraps, thongs and other sexy underwear) rather than the traditional boxers!

Think Easy and Breezy -- Remember,  you're not shopping for long johns or thermal underwear. Choose lightweight modern fabrics that wick away sweat, control odor, and are majorly comfortable. Cotton has been the classic option for for decades, but try boxer briefs or trunks with modern fabric blends. These fibers will help to keep you dry and cool in the summer month months, as well as provide you with snug, supportive comfort.

Watch Out for Overly Tight Underwear. When mens underwear is too tight, you will feel it in at least three places: (1) around the waistband, (2) around the leg bands, and (3) throughout the crotch. These tight places are not just uncomfortable -- you can restrict proper blood flow. Also, if the crotch is tight, it could increase the heat around your package, leading to sweating, rashes, and may even affect sperm quality.

If you follow this advice when buying underwear, you and your package are in for maximum comfort and style!