Mistakes To Avoid In Men’s Bikini Underwear

At a certain point in human evolution, someone thought that underwear should be worn under normal clothing, not only because it is more hygienic but also because it prevents the skin from coming in contact with unpleasant things (dirt, bacteria, etc.). Also, it offers additional protection to avoid all kinds of painful problems (or too much exposure by not being careful).

As happened with almost everything in the world, the underwear started as big and uncomfortable and warm, and gradually evolved into what we have today, from boxers to tiny speedos that little men dare to use (and that's a good thing).

Wearing underwear is simple: you put your legs in, you adjust it in the right area and that's it, right? Well, no, it's not just about putting whatever piece of fabric is available: you have to be careful with the cut, fit, and material or you can end up with irritation, injuries, sores, and even nasty infections.

Wearing tight pants is uncomfortable but it doesn't really compare to all the bad things that can happen when you wear the wrong underwear. Unfortunately, many men simply choose their briefs or boxers because of the color and don't understand the importance of fit and the right fabric, which not only has to do with comfort but with overall health.

The wrong fabric

Raspy tissue will not only make you uncomfortable but scratch sensitive areas in public (which can go wrong) and can also cause irritation, contact dermatitis, and allergic reactions. Materials like polyester and artificial silk are the most troublesome for most people.

The wrong fabric won't breathe well either, which will trap sweat and cause itching and irritation.

Too tight underwear

Wearing boxers or briefs that are too tight traps moisture and sweat, which can not only be itchy but can also give you a fungal infection that can spread throughout the area covered by the garment leaving red marks and a rash. Tight underwear can also affect your sperm count.

Bad laundry

The detergent you use to wash your underwear can also cause irritation and allergies, so you should use a neutral, fragrance-free, hypoallergenic soap, making sure there are no traces left before wearing the clothes again.

Incorrect adjustment

A poor fit can lead to the underwear in places you don't want, and then, it can cause several problems such as, chafing, irritation, and even a testicular torsion problem which can be quite painful. This problem mainly occurs in adolescents but also adult men and you can avoid it with the right testicular support, i.e. underwear that fits you well.

Putting bikini underwear into the drier

Since bikini underwear is referred to as ‘delicates’, putting them into a drier will be damaging. You can’t hand wash them too, so the only option left for you is a soft drier. Underwear is designed from lightweight materials, so putting them into a hard drier will reduce their life. Underwear doesn’t take too much time to dry because of the breathable material it is made of.