Men's Swimwear Fabrics: More Than Just Fashion and Comfort

When it comes to men’s swimwear, two things are of paramount importance, comfort, and fashion. No doubt, a speedo is more comfortable, but it is not acceptable as a fashionable choice in some cultures unless a guy playing on a team water sport is wearing it. While comfort is a crucial aspect, it should not be the only thing to consider when buying designer swimwear. While deciding on fashionable swimwear, one must look into different types of fabrics to find the usefulness of men’s swimwear.

Looks vs. Comfort

When it comes to apparel, there has always been an issue between fashion and function. Ideally, looks should not clash with comfort, but if it does, then don’t buy that swimwear. Keep in mind that the swimwear is supposed to get wet, so nobody is going to care about how you are looking while you can’t stand to be wet.  Polyester is a perfect material for swimwear, and you can easily find polyester swimwear in different colors, but when it comes to functioning, then polyester doesn’t function on the same level as other types of fabrics used in men’s swimwear. In other words, you will feel wetter around your waist than anywhere else due to the inability of polyester to deal with the wet stuff. If you wear the swimwear around your pelvis region but felt drenched to the bone, then that is because you are wearing swimwear made of polyester.

If you are heading to a beach, pool, or any other place where you are required to wear swimwear, then you will definitely not want to wear something dorky, but at the same time, you would like to wear something comfortable as well. Nylon is one such fabric that you can consider because it perfectly deals with water. Nylon is made of fibers, which have great strength, hence letting your swimwear dry quickly. There is no doubt on the functionality of nylon, but how does it look? Well, nylon after getting wet may give a feminine look because of how it clings onto your body. Therefore, it may not be an ideal fabric in the fashion sphere of the modern world.

If you too find nylon a bit odd for your looks, then you can look at cotton swimwear, which fits perfectly on the body and looks great as well. Cotton is cheap, yet very popular, but when you wear cotton swimwear, you won’t have a distinctive look because everybody already knows about cotton being an obvious choice in men’s swimwear. However, if you have no problem with your looks being similar to other men, then you can go for cotton swimwear. Cotton is a modern fabric used in men’s swimwear, so it won’t make too many mistakes when you are enjoying being in the water. You will get a rugged and manly look, which is what you want I guess. Therefore, cotton may not be the perfect swimwear fabric, but it is not as bad as polyester in terms of functionality, or nylon in terms of fashion. Don’t worry if cotton swimwear seems suspiciously cheap, it is arguably the best fabric available in male swimwear.