Men Should Think About the Underwear They Choose

Most men, if asked how their underwear looks and feels on them, would respond, “good, I guess. . . . .”  All men, regardless of age, sexual orientation, political viewpoint, occupation or lifestyle deserve great underwear. Men deserve  underwear that not only feels great, but looks fantastic on them as well.  

First of all, that means that your boxers, briefs, jockstraps, man thongs, and other underwear, should be something that is going to provide a whole day's worth of maximum comfort. It should fit your body well, be free of any holes, rips, or stains, be less than five years old (that’s a number with scientific evidence behind it at all -- just seemed like a good idea) and results in long looks rather than cringing when you lose your pants.

More than "just" a practical necessity, Men slipping on a decent pair of underwear first thing in the morning is one of the most important parts of starting a man's new day. We are talking well designed and made, clean, properly-fitting, and sexy pair of underwear used as  a psychological confidence booster. Of course, many guys could argue that the condition of your underwear really doesn't matter -- nobody will see it (we hope that is not really the case.)

Consider if you will, taking off your fine Italian or British suit only to reveal to gym mates, partners, etc., your ratty, dingy, dirty tightly-not so whities, You and your junk's first impression is ruined — forever. The antidote to this situation is to find just the "right" pair for you.