Jockstraps 101

While "old-school" jockstrap wearers have been around for decades, they are still worn by athletes for their original purpose of holding your junk in place as you workout or participate in active sports. Most of us are familiar with the jockstraps used in a variety of contact sports where a protective pouch are called for. These jocks are mostly made of cotton and feature a classic 3-inch waistband and 1/2-inch leg straps.

The jockstrap or "jock" was originally introduced almost a century and a half ago by Mr, C. F. Bennett at a Chicago sporting goods company called Sharp & Smith. It was originally designed to provide for a man's comfort and support while bicycling on the cobblestone streets of old Boston.

While this has been operating, almost in the background, the jockstrap became an essential item in the gay man’s wardrobe. And like many now-mainstream practices and items, jocks were popular and common among the subculture of gay men. Jocks today have definitely has gone very mainstream for the masses. And it’s not just those old school athlete styles — although those certainly still have an element of sex appeal.  There is an entire range of strappy, sheer, mesh, tight (but not too tight), jocks that can meet any man's shape and style.

Masses of men actually prefer wearing a jockstrap as their everyday underwear, because they are very supportive and comfortable. If that is your basic reason for wearing one, a classic, cotton jockstrap is going to work well for you. Using a little more style can pair you with a "no-show" low-rise jock that stays hidden as it sits below your hip level and back and thigh straps that virtually disappear.  This is basically the jockstrap wearer’s version of traditional cotton briefs.

Alternatively, a jockstrap can be "business in the front, party in the back."  If "old-school" isn't your style and you want to be a little more adventurous, designer fashion jockstraps might be of interest to you. These are generally made of nylon and spandex,  with sometimes cotton mixed in.  Some jocks are more contoured to the male form with either center seams or side seams, some sport mesh panels, they often have bright colors and contrasting straps.  Some jocks can "enhance" your bulge.  You can be as colorful and revealing as you want to be in today's modern jockstrap.