Choosing The Right Men's Swimwear For Yourself And The Ones That You Love

Summer is that time of year where clothes get skimpy and beach holidays push us to look for something beautiful to wear on the beach to relax, swim and wait for the sunset. Whether it's an expanse of sand or a pool party, choosing the right swimsuit is essential: here is the ultimate guide.

Different types of men's swimwear:

It is often thought that pool parties and beaches are only a place for people with a perfect physique, but the truth is that everyone is free to feel comfortable with their body and wear whatever they want. For this, you must feel free to choose the swimsuit that you like best and makes you feel good, regardless of abs or belly. Here are the main models to choose from:

Brief, speedo, or slip

This model, called in different ways, does not leave much room for the imagination, but that is precisely why it is chosen! All costume brands produce it, and for this reason, it is easy to find it in every size and color. Perfect on statuesque bodies, but also very popular among people with an average build. It doesn’t matter if you are slightly on the heavier side, wear this swimwear with pride and look out for the “banana” effect.

Square-Cut Trunks or Square-Cut Boxers

Legs are one of the coolest body parts to show off, and if speedos show a little too much or you're not ready to wear them yet, this boxer style is perfect. With the square cut, they are also called Brazilian briefs and highlight the legs. Often available with many colorful and fun prints, this particular model fits best if you have sturdy legs and a lower back, and is perfect for pool parties where you can sit by the pool shamelessly displaying all the wares.

Sports Boxers or Trainers

If you need a little more space in your swimsuit, trainer trunks or sports boxers are the right choices. They are a mix of classic boxers and square-cut boxers and are reminiscent of the shorts that are used by trainers while training. Slightly longer on the sides, these shorts perfectly highlight the legs, they are very comfortable but watch out for sudden peeps of the pack.

Shorts or Boxers

This swimsuit model is the easiest to find and there are all colors and lengths. It is also the most suitable for every body type; it dries quickly and is also perfect for an aperitif at sunset. Inside there is also a net or slip that helps to keep everything under control and not leave the package in jeopardy.


If you have longer legs, then the thong is the perfect swimsuit to give you an extra 10 inches of the thigh to wave on the bar stool. Not only your legs will be well visible but also everything else, thanks to the characteristic fit of this men's swimsuit.

Also, if you hate finding yourself with a whitish bottom at the end of summer, the thong is the swimwear for men that you absolutely must show off. Arch your back, stretch your legs, and don't be afraid to show off everything you are stocked with, because you're wearing the right costume. Especially popular with bodybuilders, feel free to wear a thong if you think it's crazy.