Buying Men’s Swimwear – A Lesson In Social Acceptance

How often have you made a choice under the influence of other people? It is hard to keep a count, but truly, most of our decisions are based upon the strongest need to belong. In fact, the need to belong is so strong that it overpowers the emotions and desires in life. To ‘fit in’ is not something that you come across during adolescence, but your entire life. If you know the expression ‘keeping up with the Jones’, but don’t know its real meaning of wanting to fit in, then it’s time to change all that. The topic of ‘men’s swimwear’ is not just about trying something new, but it is about social acceptance because swimwear and men are not discussed in the same breath.

You will often find it difficult to wear something that you really want to wear because you are so afraid of how others would react to it. Nobody wants to be mocked or shunned, as that leaves a person vulnerable or inadequate. As a result, people don’t try the latest trends and styles because they are unsure of the reactions they would get. Men's swimwear is one such section where people have different opinions. A century ago, men wore complete body covers at the beach or poolside, but trends began to change in the 1930s with the introduction of ‘nude’ like fabrics.

Credit goes to women’s fashion, which has been very influential to leave a deep impact on men’s fashion, especially the impact of women’s swimwear on men’s swimwear. In the last decade or so, men’s swimwear has undergone big changes to offer less coverage and show more skin. Men’s swimwear has shortened and shrunk to a level where they are now called ‘Speedo’. Now, you will find a huge variety in men’s swimwear, and men are wearing what they like rather than thinking what others would think of their attire.

Bikini's Vs Board Shorts

In the US, there are mainly two types of men’s swimwear, which are bikini briefs and board shorts. Men who are extremely physically fit, and feel comfortable wearing long pants in the water wear the board shorts. The bikini swimsuit is a sexier type, which accentuates the male physique. These days, an acceptable form of bikini worn by men is the square cut, which has a masculine fit and a style that most communities will not find objectionable. The time has come for men, be it single or married, straight or gay to stand up and say, ‘I’m going to wear what I want’ rather than succumbing to society’s pressure. Social stigmas won’t go anywhere, it is just that people have to ignore them and do what they really want to do, what makes them happy. Men should wear swimwear that expresses their masculinity and shows off what they have. Just like other clothes, men’s swimwear will also come, go, and come back again, so it’s the right time for society to embrace all types of swimwear for men.