All About Men’s Underwear

For many years, when we spoke of underwear, we immediately referred to female lingerie among the public. Several types of men's underwear already existed, but they were much less advertised. Nowadays, the body of the man begins to occupy the same place as that of the woman.

Also, today, we see the existence of a large panel of men's underwear such as briefs, boxers, shorties, trunks, jockstraps, and street runners. Therefore, you have a wide range of underwear to choose from.

Each underwear corresponds to everyone's tastes and can be worn according to the activities carried out (sports, relaxation, etc.). They are also chosen and worn according to the clothing as is the case with the thong, which goes well under skinny pants or slim shorts. As a result, it becomes untraceable and very comfortable.

You must therefore choose your underwear to face the day (cut, material length, and same color). This is essential for feeling comfortable, but how do you make it through the long list of types of men's underwear?

Short or long boxers

Boxer briefs are most often used for sports because they provide good support. The long boxer briefs entirely cover the thigh or its half and highlight the musculature. It is used to protect sensitive areas such as the groin and upper thighs. The short boxer brief also prevents chafing, but is much shorter; it will tend to refine or flatter the silhouette less.

If it is composed mainly of spandex, this will amplify the boxer's tight-fitting effect and make it more elastic, more resistant, and lighter. A lycra boxer brief can also have the same effects and will be ideal for intense physical activities.

Be careful, however, to choose a boxer that is well adjusted to your size so that it can perform all its functions (support, invisibility, and anti-friction).


The boxer shorts are most often worn under tracksuits and wide pants. You can have it on you both day and night.

Very comfortable thanks to its loose cut, it prevents chafing and can pass for shorts when you want to be relaxed. It is mostly worn by teenagers but suits people of all ages.


Long worn by the more advanced age groups, it is making a comeback by attracting a larger audience because it has been able to adapt to current fashions.

The briefs can be worn under all types of clothing and provide excellent support and absolute comfort. However, be careful with the choice of material and certain brands to avoid discomfort.

In a more modern model, there is also the high-cut brief, which retains the same properties as the traditional brief, but with more aesthetics.

The jockstrap

The jockstrap also called sports support is used to maintain and protect the private parts during intense physical activity. It consists of a wide belt, most often elastic, associated with a pouch and two side straps to secure it to the legs.

As a result, it amplifies the curves, because it raises the buttocks (push up effect). The larger the opening at the buttocks, the more rounded effect will be guaranteed. It has also become an original fashion accessory, which nowadays is available in several colors and materials.


Trunks are also immensely popular among men, and these are similar to boxer briefs except they have a shorter fit. Men with shorter builds usually prefer trunks. If you have muscular legs, which you want to flaunt, then you should get yourself a pair of trunks.

Street Runners

These are worn for running but under standard running tights or shorts. Street runners are especially ergonomically pants, which dry fast, wick, and anti-bacterial. The best thing about these pants is that they move with your legs instead of bunching around the crotch and knees.

That was all about men’s underwear, so now, you can decide which one(s) suit you the best.